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The most commonly used alkalis in washing powder are caustic soda and caustic potash. They are chemically produced by running electricity through salt water.

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Q: What type of alkali is in washing powder?
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Is washing powder an acid or a base?

Yes, it is. You can tell weather something is an Alkali, Neutral pr acid via the pH scale or, you can tell if something is an alkali from its consistency; if it is sludgy (like washing-up liquid), it is an alkali. So, I am under the influence that washing-up POWDER is too, an alkali.J.S.P. Aged 11

What is the pH of washing powder?

pH 10 to 11 so it's an alkali

What will happen if you add washing powder to litmus?

It will go a pink purple couler indicating that it is an alkali.

What objects contain alkali?

Washing up liquid, is a main one. Also, washing up powder. Im not sure of any others.

Baking powder is an alkali?

Yes it is an alkali.

Some examples of an alkali?

The examples of the alkali are the washing products, soap, shampoo, and the washing up liquids.

Is washing soda an alkali?

Yes it is

Do washing powder contain acid?

Washing powder doesn't contain acids.

Is washing soda is an acid or alkali?

It is an alkali its scientific name is sodium carbonate :)

Is washing up liquid an acid or an alkali?

It's an acid

Is washing soda an acid or an alkali?

It is an alkali its scientific name is sodium carbonate :)

Is washing soda alkali or acid?