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Q: What type of bonds does sulfur and fluorine makes?
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What type of bonding is sulfur?

Sulfur has covalent bonds with nonmetals.

What type of bond do normally of fluorine?

Fluorine most often forms ionic bonds with other elements.

What type of bond does calcium and fluorine?

They can be expected to form ionic bonds.

What type of bond does fluorine and lead form?

ionic bonds

What type if bond is sulfur S8?

S8 has the single bond....

What type of bonds form between fluorine and fluorine?

Fluorine's electronegativity is 3.98. The difference between two fluorine atoms is 0, so the bond between two fluorine atoms is nonpolar covalent.

What type of bonds hold the elements together in sulfur?

Covalent bonds. Sulfur has a number of allotrpes the most common has 8 sulfur atoms covalently bonded together to form a puckered ring.

What type of bonds between the sulfur and oxygen atoms?

Covalent bond

What type of bonds are formed in hair?

Disulphide bonds. A covalent bond between two sulfur atoms.

What type of bond is sh2?

Sulfur dihydride, SH2, is held together by polar covalent bonds between sulfur and hydrogen.

What bond type does fluorine have?

Fluorine atoms have a covalent bond between each other to form a covalent molecule. Fluorine bonded to a metal will have ionic bonds. Fluorine bonded to a non-meatl will have polar covalent bonding.

What type of bond is formed between carbon and fluorine?

The bond between carbon and fluorine is covalent. Carbon only forms covalent bonds, in all cases.