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Adding a solute to a pure solvent will lower the freezing point, elevate the boiling point, and lower the vapor pressure.

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Q: What will adding solute to pure solvents cause?
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Information for does water with salt evaporate faster than plain water?

Adding a solute, like salt, to a solvent, like water, changes a few physical properties, some of which have to do with evaporation. Adding a solute reduces vapor pressure, preventing some water molecules from escaping from a liquid to a gas. Adding a solute also increases boiling point. So salt water would evaporate more slowly than pure water.

What is a solute in your own words?

Somethin that is Pure and has Mixtures

Is pure water classified as a solution?

No, it is a solute.

Why a solute tended to be insoluble in pure water but soluble in acid or base?

Acid or base is solute friendly.

Is chemical solvent a pure substance?

Yes, but it is not obligatory; we can use mixtures of solvents.

Why would the boiling point of a solution be higher than that of a pure solvent?

Liquids in a pure state have a specific boiling point.Water, for example, boils at 100 oC at 1 atm. However once there are impurities in the liquid the boiling point will be elevated. The degree of elevation depends on the quantity of impurity in the liquid.

Does adding a solute to a solvent raise the boiling point?

No, generally that would lower the freezing point, not raise it. Salty water freezes at a lower temperature than pure water. And salt can melt ice, which is the same phenomenon.

Why are solutions mistaken for a pure substances?

Unlike a pure substance, a solution has at least two compounds which are the solute and the solvent.

How can we use the boiling point of a liquid to decide if the liquid is pure?

on adding non-voatile substance there in an increase in bp of substance...for instance water with a non-volatile solute will h boiling point greater than 373K

What 2 solute molecules mixed with the solvent molecules in a solution cause the freezing point of a solution to be than it is for an equal volume of pure?

lower, solvent, lower, solvent

Is copper solute or solvent?

No. Copper is an element.

What is the solvent and solute in liquid nitrogen?

There is neither a solvent nor solute in liquid nitrogen as it is not a solution. Liquid nitrogen is pure elementalnitrogen in liquid form.