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Any reaction occur between neon and fluorine.

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Q: What would happen if an atom of fluorine came into contact with an atom of neon?
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What would happen if a fluorine atom and a potassium atom came into contact?

They would form the ionic compound potassium fluoride, KF.

What would happen if an atom of fluorine cameinto contact with an atom from neon?

Nothing :) Neon is a noble gas, meaning that it doesn't react with anything.

What kind of bond is eventually formed when a potassium atom and a fluorine atom come into contact?

An Ionic Bond.

Would carbon or fluorine atom be more reactive?

Fluorine would be more reactive. Fluorine is the most reactive element.

Why is fluorine oxidation state never positive?

An atom of fluorine has the greatest attraction among all atoms for electrons; therefore, no other atom can extract an electron from a fluorine atom, as would be required for the fluorine to have a positive oxidation state.

How many neutrons would a atom of fluorine have?


Which has a greater atomic radius at atom of fluorine or an atom of beryllium?

An atom of fluorine

Describe what would happen if a positively sodium atom and a negatively charged chloringe atom came into contact?

Sodium chloride is formed.

What the total number of electrons in a neutral atom of fluorine?

Fluorine has the atomic number of 9. This means it has 9 protons in the nuclei of its atoms. So, a neutral fluorine atom would also have 9 electrons.

The element fluorine has 9 electrons which is the electron configuration for an atom of fluorine?

The electron configuration for an atom of fluorine is [He]2s2.2p5.

How many elements are in a fluorine atom?

Fluorine is an element, s an atom of fluorine contains only one element - fluorine. However, the fluorine molecule consists of two atoms of fluorine.

Who founded the fluorine atom?

No one founded the fluorine atom. The element fluorine has existed since before the earth was formed.