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The peroxide decomposes rapidly and creates free radicals that would tear apart enzymes

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Q: What would happen if you mixed peroxide and enzyme?
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What is the substrate of catalase?

A substrate is a substance in which an enzyme reacts. The substrate for catalase would be hydrogen peroxide otherwise known as H2O2.

What would happen if your body didn't have the enzyme catalase?

we would die

Would catalase act on chemicals other than hydrogen peroxide?

Catalase is an enzyme and enzymes work best with a specific substrate. The enzyme can work with any substrate just not as efficient .

What would happen if platinum was added to hydrogen peroxide solution?

The platinum acts as catalyst and causes the hydrogen peroxide to decompose into water and oxygen.

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What happens if you put peroxide in your ear and it still hurts?

It is not recommended to use peroxide in the ear because if it became trapped inside the ear, it could cause harm to the tissue inside the ear. Some home remedies would have warm water mixed with a small amount of peroxide mixed into it. But even then it is risky. The best medicine is to see your family doctor.

What would occur if you mixed corn syrup corn oil rubbing alcohol hydrogen peroxide and water together?

Well, if you mixed rubbing alcohol with hydrogen peroxide it could produce a risk of creating VERY harmful chlorine gases. So I don't advise you to try it.

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you could feed it peroxide ? i dont know what would happen though !

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