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yes, because usually metals are positively charged and positive repells positive

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Q: When a charged rod is repelling a copper ball is the rod positively charged?
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Which scientist described a positively charged ball with electrons embedded throughout it?

This scientist was Ernest Rutherford.

What is on a soccer ball?

A water repelling PVCu coating.

What is a soccer ball?

A water repelling PVCu coating.

What best describes rutherford's model of the atom?

An example would be..Like a huge stadium with a positively charged marble at the center. Another example is..A small ball within a large shell containing empty space.

How can a positively charged ball be used to electrify two other balls?

By bringing a charged ball into contact with two others, the charges will equalize across all three balls. Electrons will stream off the two previously uncharged balls (assuming they were), and will reduce the positive charge on the first ball. This will leave the other balls positively charged. All three balls will be charged to some extent, and, though there will be differences on the charges on the balls, there should be no difference in voltage between the balls. Bringing them back into contact will not (should not) result in any more charge movement.

An electrically neutral object can be attracted by a positively charged object because?

A neutral pith ball is still "charged", it just doesn't display excessively charged behavior. Since it is neutral, having nearly equal positive and negative charge, the proximity of the positively charged pith ball still attracts the negative charge present in the ball, inducing polarization moving the ball closer to the positively charged one. Once they make contact, the conductibility of the pith ball quickly accepts excess charge from the other, creating a like charge repulsion.

A 2-mm-diameter copper ball is charged to plus 50 nC What fraction of its electrons have been removed?

3.0 x 10^4

What would happen if a ball purely made of positively charged ions is made what would the effects be a massive lightning storm or an explosion?

It would be excessively hard to make a ball of appreciable size purely of positively charged ions as the repulsion force would be astronomical. If indeed enough energy is input to make this ball, as soon as the energy keeping it together is taken away, the ions of the ball will instantly experience enormous repulsion forces and fly apart. As to what that will look like, it's up to anyone's imagination. An "explosive" effect will probably occur but it's not really known.

Is a past ball an error?

Yes, if the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher has a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a passed ball and the error is charged to the catcher. If the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher does NOT have a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a wild pitch and the error is charged to the pitcher. Actually, a passed ball is NOT charged as an error against the catcher. It's simply charged as a passed ball. Not terribly logical, I agree, but that's the rule.

How made season ball?

a season ball is made of wood and copper

What happens when you bring a negatively charged rod near a piece of metal.?

protons in the metal move toward the rod.

What is the chemical reactivity for copper?

ball hair