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anhydrous copper sulphate is white.

when water is added it turns blue, in essence it can be used to detect the presence of water.

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Q: When added to copper sulphate what colour is anhydrous copper sulphate?
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What colour is pure water when anhydrous copper sulphate is added and is there a soild residue?

Anhydrous copper sulfate solid is white. When it is added to water, it dissolves and the solution of aqueous copper sulfate becomes blue.

What happens when water is added to anhydrous copper II sulphate?

it changes colour from a white powder to a blue powder

Why does the water colour change to blue when copper sulphate was added?

Anhydrous copper(II) sulphate is white. When added to water, it forms a solution of CuSO4(aq) which is blue because of the Cu2+ ion, which is itself a transition metal ion.

What is the colour of the solution if zinc is added to copper sulphate solution?

No colour

What happens to copper sulphate when heated?

It turns into a white powder and when water is then again added to the deydrated copper sulphate it turns back to its original colour

What happens when water comes in contact with white copper sulphate crystals?

The white copper sulphate will become blue. This is because copper sulphate usually has 5 moles of H2O, but it has reached a temperature where all five moles will have detached themselves from the copper sulphate, so it will become anhydrous (without water) and white. Then, when water is added back to it, it returns to its original blue state.

When Copper Sulphate is heated what is the observation?

When copper sulfate is heated the observation is that it turns white as the water which is driven off by the heat. It is also stated that the white solid will remain and if water is added to the anhydrous copper sulfate a reaction will occur.

What happens when copper is added to copper sulphate?


Why does white anhydrous copper sulphate turn blue when water is added?

It turns blue because copper forms blue crystals when in solution. As soon as the water evaporates, there's nowhere for the copper to be in "solution", so it loses its colour. When water is added again, the crystals regain the "solution" state and turn blue!

What two things happen when zinc is added to copper sulphate?

The Zinc will displace the copper. It will become Zinc Sulphate. The word equation will be Zinc + Copper Sulphate -----> Copper + Zinc Sulphate. Hope this helps!

What chemical should be added to copper carbonate to make copper sulphate?

Sulphuric acid, because "sulphuric" is what gives copper sulphate it's name

When water is added to white copper and copper sulphate why is it a chemical change?