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they will attract

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the opposite charges attract each other

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Q: When two opposite electrical forces are near each other what will happens?
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What happens when two forces acts in opposite direction?

if the values are the same then nothing happens.

two positive charges each other?

If two positive charges interact, their forces are directed against each other. As a result opposite charges attract each other: The electric field and resulting forces produced by two electrical charges of opposite polarity. The two charges attract each other.

What is meant by like and unlike parallel forces?

Like Parallel forces are the forces that are parallel to each other and have same direction. Unlike parallel forces are the forces that are parallel but have directions opposite to each other.

What will be value of tension produced by two opposite forces acting on a string at opposite ends?

equal to zero because two opposite forces will cancel each other

What happens if a Negative charge gets near another negative charge?

They attract their opposite forces are attracted to each other.

Why don't two forces balance each other?

Two forces do balance each other out, as long as the two forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

What is the attraction and repulsion forces between subatomic particles?

attraction forces between the electrons of one atom and the nucleus of the other atom are balanced by the repulsive force caused by the two + charged nuclei as they are forced together~attractive forces have a little attraction for the atoms.

Is acceleration caused by two forces which are opposite to each other?

Acceleration is caused by unbalanced forces. They may or may not be opposite in direction. If they are, they must be different in size.

Do charged particles exert force on each other?

yes. same forces repel each other and opposite forces attract.

What are all the forces in science?

there is fricton,thermal,electrical & other energies ....

What is the Difference between like and unlike parallel forces?

Forces which are parallel and acting in same direction are called like parallel forces. Forces which are parallel and acting in opposite direction are called unlike parallel forces.

What are forces equal in strength but opposite in direction?

It happens when 1 force is having larger magnituge and the other is less in magnitude ........ and then the forces does not balance each other Take the example of weight and tension of a body connected by string . weight and tension are always opposite in the direction if the weight is suppose 12 newton and tension is 10 newton , then same thing will happen , they can't balance each other ...... as the strength of weight is more than tension