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Diatomaceous was discovered in 1836 or 1837 by Peter Kasten when he sunk a well in the northern area of the Hau§elberg hill located in Luneberg Heath, Germany. Initially, he thought the sedimentary substance was limestone for fertilizer.

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Q: When was diatomaceous earth discovered?
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How is diatomaceous earth used?

Diatomaceous Earth is used as an organic insecticide, as a flea treatment, and as a wormer.

Is Diatomaceous Earth an Element?


How would a screen be useful for separating a mixture of gravel and diatomaceous-earth powder?

The diatomaceous-earth powder pass the screen.

In a pool what is D and E?

Diatomaceous Earth

What is the chemical name for diatomaceous earth?

It is DE

Has anybody here used diatomaceous earth need first hand info?

Yes I have used diatomaceous earth, not sure what type of application you were asking about.

Will diatomaceous earth hurt you if taken?

As long as you are using the food grade version of diatomaceous earth, it will not hurt you. However do not take the pool grade version.

Can diatomaceous earth cause cancer?

There are two types of diatomaceous earth. One has crystalline silica, which causes cancer. The other type is called food grade diatomaceous earth, it will not cause cancer. The food grade version is used by organic gardeners everywhere.

Would a screen be useful for separating a mixture of gravel and diatomaceous earth powder Explain?

yes it would because you could pour the diatomaceous-earth powder and the gravel into a cup and use a screen to when you pour the gravel cause then the gravel will nit go through and the diatomaceous-earth powder

Can you eat diatomaceous dirt?

Yes, many people use the food grade version of diatomaceous earth as a supplement.

Can you take Diatomaceous Earth while on chemo?


What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized exoskeletal remains of tiny diatoms. It is sometimes used to kill parasites such as fleas or garden pests. Some pests are injured or killed by microscopic sharp edges of granules when they try to walk across diatomaceous earth. It is not toxic to humans or pets.