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It comes from the street, via either an underground cable or an overhead line operating at the voltage that you are supplied with.

Those lines or cables are supplied from a transformer that is probably within about 200 metres of your home. The transformer is supplied at a higher voltage and so on via various high-voltage Transformers back to the grid and from there to the generating stations.

In the UK the local supply works at 240 volts which is also described as 415 v three-phase. The transformer supplies up to 2-300 homes and takes its power at 11 kV three-phase, and that is supplied at 33 kV from a transformer that is capable of supplying a small town of 5000-10,000 people. Towns are connected via a regional grid at 132 kV that connects major substations, and they in turn are supplied from the supergrid at 275 kV or 400 kV, that is 400,000 volts.

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Greek elektron: amber. The Greeks discovered (though others before them might very likely have done so also, but the Greeks recorded the discovery) that rubbing an amber rod against, say, a cat's fur. generated a physical force.

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It comes from the Greek work "electros" which was the greek name for amber because when they rubbed it on wool and stuff bits of paper and things would stick to it.

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Q: Where does the electrically come from?
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