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theintoy is out of cobalt blaster but still cool bdaman left.

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It used to be on ebay but there out but still awesome b daman's left

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Q: Where to buy b-daman toys cobalt blaster?
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I don't think any stores still sell them because they were sold back in 2004-2005 or around there. I had cobalt blade and I remember his pieces always used to fall out and such but you can buy them on ebay or amazon. I saw a cobalt blade on ebay for around 9 or 10 bucks. Takara Tomy has came out with a new B-daman series called cross fight and I recently bought one on ebay for around 9 bucks and its pretty cool, you should check them out, Hasbro will release its version of them around this fall or so. Good luck on finding a cobalt blade.

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