Which 2 elements is water made of?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Hydrogen and oxygen; the chemical formula of water is H2O.

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Hydrogen and Oxygen

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Q: Which 2 elements is water made of?
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Is water a part of the periodic table of elements?

No. Water is made of 2 elements (Hydrogen and Oxygen). It is a compound. It is refreshing.

Water is a compound made of what 2 elements?

Hydrogen, Oxygen

What elements is the compound water made of?

H2O-2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

Why water is called compound?

Because its made up of two molecuels

Why are oxygen and hydrogen most commonly elements in the ocean?

water is made up of 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygen i am guessing that is the reason the ocean is made up of water

What two elements is sea water made of?

sea water is made of water and salt of course

What 3 elements are found in water?

There are only 2 elements in water: hydrogen and oxygen.

Is water itself alive?

No! It is made out of elements.

What two elements each water molecule made?

H2O H hydrogen (there is 2 hydrogen molecules) and oxygen

What elements is water made of?

H20 H2 (meaning two hydrogens) O (meaning one oxygen)

What are the features of elements?

Elements are made of 2 or more atoms and elements can be split.

What is made up of 2 or more elements?

what is made up of two or more elements