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Most craft stores and toy stores will carry plastic displays both in store and online. Some of these stores are Michaels, Jo-ann, ToysRus and Amazon.

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Q: Which craft store carries plastic displays?
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Does Michael's Craft Store carry Computer Transfer Paper?

yes Michael's Craft Store does carry Computer Transfer Paper . it carries everything about

Where can you buy laneyards?

you can buy the plastic string they use at any craft store

Who is the craft buyer for Michael's stores?

What company are you with? what kind of "craft" are you talking about. The entire store is "craft" based. The entire store has different departments, and most each department has a different buyer. Plastic Canvas

Is there a Craft store in Edmonton or Calgary that sell doodle arts in tubes that you can color?

I think chapters carries them.

Where can you buy plain plastic masks?

Pat Catans Craft Store had them a while ago. They are good for painting on.

Where can you get unscented rubber cement?

Basically anywhere carries it. Dollar stores, walgreens, walmart, hobby lobby, michaels, most craft stores...

Is michael kors a craft store?

No, Michael Kors is not a craft store. It is a discount apparel and fashion store. There is, however, a popular craft store in some areas of the US named Michaels.

Where can you find iron on letters?

Michaels Craft Store, or any arts and craft store.

What is an adhesive transfer tape?

Its a product that is commonly used to put adhesive on cloth items by using a hot iron. A lot of the craft stores carry this item. is a well known craft store and it usually carries this item.

Where can I find directions on making braided plastic wristbands?

You can find these directions on any children craft store or you can look online under children crafts to find more information. You can also try buying the kit at your local craft store, that already come with the directions.

does joann's store sell ghost craft items?

I am not sure if joann's store sells ghost craft items but they are a craft store you can probably go to there website to find out whether or not they sell ghost craft items.

Where can you find swirly designs for scrap booking?

Swirly designs for scrap booking can be found at any local craft store like Michaels. Walmart also carries swirly design located in the crafting section of the store.