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In the Periodic Table of the elements, a period is a horizontal row of the table. Elements in the same period have the same number of energy levels.

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i think period goes left and right and group goes up and down but I'm not sure!

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what derection do gruops of the periodic table go

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Q: Which direction do periods go on the periodic table?
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Do periods go across or down?

Periods go across the periodic table. Groups go down.

What is the difference between a period and a group on the periodic table?

Periods on the periodic table go across and are based on the number of unexcited electrons increasing as you read across. Groups on the periodic table are read down the table and share the same number of valence electrons.

What are the names of the periods on the periodic table?

Periods are the elements on the periodic table that go across, in rows. So basically going across each row is called a period

How are groups on a periodic table numberd?

From right to left (1- 18) on the periodic table. Instead of up and down (1-7) periods go vertically. (rows) groups go horizontally. (columns)

What are the seven rows of the periodic table are commonly called?

groups go vertically and periods are the horizontal rows

How are the elements in the periods in the periodic table related?

As you go down a group, the number of electrons in the outer shell is the same.

Which direction are families on the periodic table?

groups on the periodic table are the vertical coumns that go up and down. A period on the periodic table are the rows that go horizontal or across.

What happens to the atomic number as you go from left to right across the periodic table and why does this happen?

Periods on the periodic table refer to the rows of elements. As the elements progress to the right, the atomic numbers increase, usually in steps of 1.

What is group 17 period 5 on the periodic table?

Iodine. (Always remember, groups go horizontally, periods go vertically) -Ali, Muhammad.

What does GO stand for in the periodic table?

there is no Go on the periodic table, there is Gd, Ga, Ge, but no Go. Hope this helped!

When is it necessary to start a new period in the periodic table?

Periods in the periodic table represent the number of electron shells necessary to fit all of the electrons. Once you fill the valence shell of an atom, the next electron must go in a new electron shell. This would constitute a new period on the periodic table.

How do you know if a metal is a transitional metal?

go loook at a periodic table. there are 8 tall periods, the middle periods that are shorter then all the rest, after the two first ones, those are the transitional metals.