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HCL has a higher boiling point compared to HBr

This is due to difference in electronegativity.

H - 2.1

Cl - 3.0

Br - 2.8

The difference for HCl is 0.9, the difference for HBr is 0.7.

The larger the difference in electronegavity means the stronger the bond. Large difference means greater attraction hence more energy is needed to overcome this bond.

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HBr and HCl are both polar have similar dipole-dipople forces. This can be determined by looking at their electronegativities.

Now, you need to determine their London Dispersion Forces- HBr is bigger than HCl (it is lower on the Periodic Table), so it has much more dispersion force.

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Br2 because it is a larger atom than Cl making the Intermolecular forces larger for Br2.

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HCl has a higher boiling point.

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HCl has a lower boiling point than HBr.

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Q: Which molecule has a higher boiling point Cl2 or Br2?
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Which has the higher boiling point Br2 or icl?

Yes, because BrBr2 is ionically bonded, while the Br2O is covalently (molecularly) bonded. Ionic bonds are stronger than covalent (molecular) bonds. This means that BeBr2 has stronger attraction between molecules and it will take more energy (heat) to "unstick them" into the gas phase. Because there is more heat needed to get BeBr2 boiling, it has a higher boiling point.

How many atoms are in 1.54 moles of Bromine?

1.54 (mol Br2) * 6.022*10+23 (molecule/mol Br2) * 2 (atoms Br/molecule Br2) =1.85*1024 atoms in 1.54 mole Br2

Br2 is the formula for?

a molecule of bromine

What molecule has the highest vapor pressure Br2 H2O NCl3?

Br2 > NCl3 > H2O

Distinguish between an alkene and any alcohol?

Alcohol has greater polarity and a higher boiling point, to start.

How can you determine the chemical formula of the product is soild liquid or gas at room temperature for bromine?

Bromine (Br2) is liquid at room temperature, because it boiling point at normal pressure is 58.8 °C (higher) and its freezing point is -7.2 °C (which is lower than room temperature).

What is the oxidation number for Br2?

The oxidation number for the molecule Br2 is 0.

Can one of these be a diatomic molecule HNO1 H20 Br2Co2?

a diatomic molecule is where two of the same atoms are joined together to create a molecule. these include O2,N2,F2,Cl2, I2, Br2. to answer your question. Br2, is a diatomic molecule.

What is elemental bromine?

Elemental bromine is Br2, it is a reddish brown liquid under normal conditions with a boiling point of 58.80C

How many atoms in Br2?

Br2 is known as a diatomic molecule. It has 2 atoms, both of which are bromine atoms (Br).

What type of particles are in bromine gas?

Bromine has a diatomic molecule, Br2.

Is Br2 ionic or covalent?

covalent because Br2 is just to Bromine atoms bonded together