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I'm not an expert in Chemistry but I think the changes involving in this Figure 4 are the steel changing into rust, and harmful gases changing into safer new gases for physical changes. Also, they are the steam from the exhaust condensating into a white cloud, the explosion of the gasoline air mixture producing hot exhaust gases for chemical changes.

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Q: Which of the changes described in Figure 4 grade 9 science textbook page 30 involve chemical and physical changes?
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There are no physical changes. there are only chemical changes.

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Physical Changes

Are all physical changes accompanied by chemical changes?

Not all chemical changes are accompanied by a visible physical change. Most chemical changes however will be accompanied by a physical change.

Chemical changes can be reserved by physical change?

No, chemical changes can only be reversed by chemical means, not by physical means.

Are phase changes physical or chemical in nature?

A phase change is a physical change. It is not a chemical change.

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A physical change is a change in chemical composition. A physical change is a change where chemical composition is not altered. Not all chemical changes are accompanied by a physical change, but some are. The same is true for the reverse.

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what involves both chemical and physical change on earths surface

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Chemical and physical changes are part of methods applied in science.

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physical changes do not change the chemical properties of a substance

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Changes in humidity are physical, NOT chemical, changes.