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deposition, ∆H is +

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Q: Which of the following phase changes is not correctly paired with the sign of its change in enthalpy?
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Enthalpy changes accompanying a change of state are than those accompanying the heating of a substance at each state?

Any change of state involve a change of the system enthalpy.

What is relation between hydration energy lattice energy and enthalpy of solution?

enthalpy change of solution=enthalpy change of hydration - enthalpy change of lattice

What is the difference between enthalpy change and enthalpy change per mole?

Enthalpy is the energy absorbed or lost from a reaction, but enthalpy change per mole is the amount of energy lost per mole, so in order to get the overall enthalpy from the change per mole, you must multiply that value by the amount of moles used in the reaction.

How does the presence of a catalyst affect the enthalpy change of a reaction?

The presence of a catalyst affect the enthalpy change of a reaction is that catalysts do not alter the enthalpy change of a reaction. Catalysts only change the activation energy which starts the reaction.

Are enthalpy changes accompanying a change of state are smaller or larger than the heating substance at each state?


What is the fomula of chemical energy?

Assuming chemical energy means the enthalpy change (measured in joules), there are several methods to calculate chemical energy, although there is no one 'formula'. The simplest way is to calculate the bond energies between the atoms in the molecules and subract the total initial energy from the total final energy. If bond energies aren't provided, more complex methods are required. If you're looking for the change in enthalpy in the reaction A --> D, and are given the changes in enthalpy for A --> B, B --> C, and C --> D, then adding the enthalpy changes for the given reactions will give you the desired enthalpy change.

What is the Hess's law?

C - The enthalpy of reaction does not depend on the steps taken in the reaction. APEX --WXM--

When a substance changes from liquid to solid what is the energy?

The heat energy, or enthalpy, associated with a solid to liquid transition is the enthalpy of fusion and that associated with a solid to gas transition is the enthalpy of sublimation.

How is Hess's law applied in calculating enthalpy?

All the reactions in a path are added together.

What is molar enthalpy change?

Molar bond enthalpy shows the change in a bond association. For example, if one mole of bond is broken, the energy change that results is DHd (degree).

What is to change from solid to a gas and vice versa?

Enthalpy of Vaporization and Enthalpy of Condensation.

Is Delta S is the change in enthalpy a measure of randomness?

No, delta s is the change in entropy. Delta H is the change in enthalpy, the amount of heat used in a system. Entropy and enthalpy are different, but closely related.