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Transition metals are Cu, Cd, Au, Co.

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Q: Which of these elements are transition metalsCu Sr Cd Au Al Ge Co?
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The letters C Al and Au are examples of what elemental?

The letters C, Al, and Au represent the chemical symbols for the elements carbon, aluminum, and gold, respectively. They are examples of chemical elements, which are substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means.

Three transition elements in group 12 of the periodic table are?

Group 3 - 12 are transition metals. A few elements are titanium (Ti), silver (Ag), mercury (Hg) and gold (Au).

What family is au in?

Transition metals.

How are the periodic table elements classified?

They are transition elements. Group 11 contains traditional coinage metals of copper (Cu), silver (Ag), and gold (Au).

Is gold an alkaline earth metal or transition metal?

Gold (Au) is a transition metal

What 10 elements you have access to macroscopic samples of as a consumer?

Fe, Si, Au, Cr, Al, Ni, S, Sn, N, C

Is gold an alkali metal an alkaline earth metal a transition metal ext?

gold, Au, is a transition metal.

Is Au or Sn a compound?

No. Au is gold and Sn is tin; they're elements.

What is a transition metal with 79 protons?

This chemical element is gold (Au).

What elements are in gold?

Gold is an element itself, with the symbol Au on the periodic table of elements.

How many elements in the periodic table are monoisotopic?

20 ELEMENTS He,Be,Na,Al,P,Sc, Mn,Co,As,Y,Nb Rh,I,Cs,Pr,Tb Ho,Tm,Au,Bi,TH

Who is the following elements is a transition elements?

ScandiumTitaniumVanadiumChromiumManganeseIronCobaltNickelCopperZincYttriumZirconiumNiobiumMolybdenumTechnetiumRutheniumRhodiumPalladiumSilverCadmiumLanthanum sometimes (often considered a rare earth, lanthanide)HafniumTantalumTungstenRheniumOsmiumIridiumPlatinumGoldMercuryActinium sometimes (often considered a rare earth, actinide)RutherfordiumDubniumSeaborgiumBohriumHassiumMeitneriumDarmstadtiumRoentgeniumElement 112 - Ununbium - Presumably will be a transition metal.