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Opposite sides are parallel, Consecutive angles are supplementary, Opposite angles are congruent, Opposite sides are congruent (APEX)

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Jvell 08

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Diagonals bisect each other. (APEX)
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Trent Holbrook

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βˆ™ 2021-08-31 14:13:08
bruh i failed cuz of the diagonals part
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Square abcd has five isosceles right triangles a dark square and a striped parallelogram line bc is 12 radical 2 the seven pieces were rearranged to form rectangle qrst what is the perimeter of qrst

All rectangles are parallelograms

What quadrilaterals bisect each other

In a given quadrilateral each side is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpindicular

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Opposite sides are parallel, Consecutive angles are supplementary, Opposite angles are congruent, Opposite sides are congruent (APEX)

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Emily AvilΓ©s

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This is incorrect cause misses diagonal bisect

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Q: Which of these statements describe properties of parallelograms?
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What statements describe properties of parallelograms?

A parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral that has two pairs of parallel sides and 4 interior angles that add up to 360 degrees

Why do all the properties of parallelograms apply to rhombi?

Because all rhombi are parallelograms.

What statements best describe the properties of basalt?

Fine and mafic

Which quadrilaterals have all the properties of a parallelogram?


Properties shared by all parallelograms are also characteristics of rectangles?


Can you use the term isosceles trapezoids to describe a parallelograms?

No because they both have different geometrical properties although they both belong to class of 4 sided shapes known as quadrilaterals

What is the properties of a parallelograms?

The base length of a parallelogram is larger than its width or its side.

Do all parallelograms have diagonals which bisect?

Yes; all parallelograms have diagonals that bisect each other. Other properties of parallelograms are: * The opposite sides are congruent. * The opposite sides are parallel. * The opposite angles are congruent.

What one word means true statements for any numbers?

Properties are true statements for any numbers. There are three basic properties of numbers: Associative, Commutative, and Distributive Properties.

What is the meaning of properties of multiplication?

Properties of multiplications are statements about multiplication that are always true.

Are paralleograms a trapezoids?

Parallelograms and trapezoids have different geometrical properties but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals.

Which of these statements does not describe the presidency of Grover Cleveland?

You forgot to list the statements.

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What are necessary when proving that the opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent?

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