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Well the weakest intermolecular forces is the hydrogen bond because of its friction which is called the fluid friction also if you want to know some astronomy you've come to the right person okay lets start with our basic astronomy the first question is what is the quickest planet in our solar system:ANSWER : Mercury. Well that was basic astronomy ,now where moving on space astronomy which is a bit harder than basic astronomy the second question is which planet has a diameter of 43,000km ANSWER:Jupiter.

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Q: Which solid has weakest intermolecular forces?
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What is the Weakest kind of intermolecular force?

The weakest of the four forces is gravity by a huge margin

What are forces between molecules in a solid called?

all such forces are intermolecular forces.

Intermolecular force of AsH3?

They have london forces between them. It is the weakest type of inter molecular force.

Does intermolecular force change from solid to liquid or liquid to gas?

Yes,intermolecular forces are weaker in gas.Much stronger in solid

What is the difference between elastomer and fiber?

The major difference difference arises on the basis of the forces... In Elastomers, the polymer chains are held together by weakest intermolecular forces while in fibers, the intermolecular forces are strong like hydrogen bonding.

Why is bromine2 a liquid and Iodine 2 is a solid?

Iodine has stronger intermolecular forces.

What temperature melts a solid?

The temperature at which intermolecular forces push the molecules apart

How do the molecules of a solid differ from the molecules in a gas?

In solid, the molecules r tightly packed by intermolecular forces, but in gas these forces r very loose.

What inter molecular force would affect the boiling point the least?

Dispersion forces would have the least effect on the boiling point of a liquid. They are the weakest intermolecular forces.

What advantages do gas molecule have over solid and liquid?

The solid molecules are tightly packed and have the strongest intermolecular forces.The gases are not at all tightly packed and have the weakest intermolecular force.

What are the strongest intermolecular forces found in the noble gases?

Intermolecular forces are strongest in the solid phase. This is because the atoms/molecules are at the closet possible distance without repulsion occurring; the van der Waals contact distance.

What intermolecular forces must be overcome in order to change the crisco from a solid to a liquid?

you melt it...