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1:the fusion reaction requires a very large amount of energy yo bring two positively charged nuclei closer together against the electrostatic force of repulsion between them.for this purpose,the nuclei should move to wards each other with very high speed. but this speed can only be produced by an this can be used on small scale and is not so essay.

2:the fusion reaction take place at tremendously high temperature that is about 10 million degree Celsius.such a high temperature can not b obtained easily.its mean fusion reaction required high temperature and high energy but both of them are difficult to achieve.

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Actually it is not difficult at all. In fact two men died on the Manhattan project performing tests on plutonium bomb cores when they accidentally slipped and made the cores "prompt supercritical". The air in the room instantly lit up bright blue with cherenkov radiation. Each man instantly knew he had already received a guaranteed fatal radiation dose in that moment, so to protect the others in the room hand disassembled the core and reflector, receiving severe radiation burns on their hands. These accidents occurred in 1945 and 1946, after that they made a machine to do these dangerous tests instead of doing them by hand. Each man was estimated to have received between 5000 REM and 8000 REM and died within a couple weeks. A few of the closest in the room were estimated to have possibly received up to 200 REM and suffered radiation sickness but recovered. Actual doses are not known as nobody had dosimeters on them.

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This is really Physics, not chemistry! However I used to work for the school associated with the JET project that has achieved limited fusion. The physicists there always told me the criteria that made it difficult to achieve were:

1] high enough temperature .. about 10^8 C

2] containing the plasma at that temperature using electromagnetic fields

3] stopping the plasma touching the container and losing it


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Positive nuclei repel one another

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Q: Which statement explains why fusion reactions are difficult to initiate?
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