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This is not an entirely objective question, but many would consider any two lanthanide metals to meet this test. The two heaviest two elements in any wide-form Periodic Table column would also be good candidates, as would zirconium and hafnium, because the lanthanide contraction result in their being almost the same size even though one of them is from a higher period than the other. An objective answer would require specifying some specific chemical property with the least quantitative difference between two elements.

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Any two members of an inner transition metal period have very similar chemical properties. Aside from this, zirconium and hafnium are probably most similar.

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Q: Which two elements have chemical properties that are most similar?
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In which two groups are the elements most similar in their chemical properties?

1 and 2

Which list includes elements with the most similar chemical properties?

o, s, se

What pair of elements has the most similar chemical properties?

Calcium and potassium

The chemical properties of calcium are most similar to the chemical properties of?

The chemical properties of calcium are most similar to (in between) the chemical properties of magnesium and strontium.

How do you find the most similar elements in the periodic table?

In the periodic table, the elements are grouped according to their properties. Elements in a group has an equal number of valence electrons. So the elements in a group have most common chemical properties.

What elements are most like Carbon?

Nitrogen is very similar in chemical properties to Carbon.

How did Mendeleev list the elements?

The most important principle was the listing in groups, after similar chemical or physical properties.

What three elements have the most similar physical and chemical properties?

Magnesium, strontium , and barium belong to group 2A of the periodic table. These have two valence electrons in their outermost shell. So these three elements have similar chemical properties. But the other given elements do not lie in same group so they have different chemical properties.

Explain why elements within a group have similar chemical properties?

Elements in the same group have similar electronic configurations. For example, all elements in Group 1 contain 1 unpaired electron located in an S orbital. It's the electronic configuration of atoms (and to a lesser degree, their size and charge) which dictate their chemical properties. Nuclear properties, on the other hand are dictated largely by the atoms size and number of protons and neutrons. Chemists, for the most part, aren't interested in these.

What do elements in the same group have?

They have the same number of valence electrons which, in general, gives them similar oxidation numbers and other similar chemical and physical properties. The similarities are most pronounced in the groups at either side of the standard periodic table, and are least pronounced for the transition and rare earth elements.

Atoms of elements in a group on the periodic table have similar chemical properties this similarity is most closely related to the atoms?

number of valence electrons

What role of properties of elements and simple molecules play in chemical evolution?

The most important is the electronegativity of chemical elements.