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Q: Who is accredited in the history of modern chemistry that neutron exists?
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What is the difference between neutron and a electorns?

The difference between neutron are neutral, and electrons have a negative change too them. Neutron is a neutral particle that exists in the nucleus of an atom. The year when the neutron was founded was 1932.

Does a neutron atom have as many neutrons as electrons?

There is no such thing as a neutron atom. A neuton is a particle that exists within the nucleus of an atom.

What subatomic particle determines whether an atom exists as an isotope?


Which is not an example of an electrostatic force that exists within the atom?

A neutron and an electron being attracted to each other A neutron and a proton being attracted to each other

A neutral subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom?

Protons and neutrons; these particles consist of quarks and gluons.

What is the name for Cl2 in chemistry?

Cl2 is chlorine. Chlorine exists as a diatomic molecule.

What will happen if we don't have chemistry?

Without chemistry the present world can not exists all things including man are connected to chemistry, all thing which we used are chemicals either created by nature or by man.

What is the correct chemistry formula for F?

Pure fluorine usually exists as a diatomic compound, formula F2.

Does history actually exist?

Yes, even yesterday is a history! __________________________________________________________ With each moment that is documented history is recorded; therefore, history exists due to those records.

How can i correct the history of herodotus?

You cannot correct his history. It exists. You can write your own version of events if you have sufficient knowledge.

Can sparks eventually develop in a relationship?

Sparks (or chemistry) is the first thing to develop before an actual relationship starts. It makes you want to know a person better, to share your thoughts with them, to spend time with them and is a part of sexual arousal towards a specific person. Having chemistry doesn't mean a relationship is good or will even occur, but all long term, healthy relationships have both love and a physical and emotional chemistry. Chemistry either exists for both people or it doesn't--when it doesn't exist at all or only exists in one person, there's not much to sustain a relationship on.

Does Hydrogen atom have neutrons Does it have isotopes It used to have 3 isotopes but now recent chemistry Syllabus says it doesn't have neutrons?

There are three naturally occurring isotopes of hydrogen. The most common isotope, hydrogen-1, has no neutrons. It accounts for 99.99% of all hydrogen. Hydrogen-2 has a single neutron and accounts for most of the remaining .01%. Hydrogen-3 with two neutrons only exists in trace amounts.