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Because nonpolar molecules do not have positive and negative ends

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Q: Why do you think polar and nonpolar molecules do not mix?
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What type of molecules interact with water polar or nonpolar?

Polar. Just think of this, oil is non polar, oil doesnt mix with water.

Polar molecules mix well with what kind of molecule?

quite simply: polar. Polar mixes well with polar. Nonpolar mixes well with nonpolar.

How come oil and water dont mix?

Water is a polar molecule. Nonpolar molecules (which is oil) don't mix well with polar molecules.

What Macromolecules are Hydrophobic?

Lipids; they are nonpolar molecules, therefore will not mix with water, a polar molecule. Think, "Like to Like".

Is peanut butter polar or nonpolar?

nonpolar. The fat molecules in peanut butter are nonpolar, that is why peanut butter doesn't evenly mix with water, a polar substance.

Why do oil and water never mix when in a container?

Oils have nonpolar molecules and water has polar molecules.

Do polar compounds mix with nonpolar compounds?

no, in the case of polar and nonpolar the two do not mix it's like putting olive oil in milk

Why do oil and water hate each other?

Water is polar while oils are non-polar. Molecules that are polar will mix with other polar molecules, and non-polar molecules will mix with other non-polar molecules. Polar and non-polar molecules will not mix.

What molecules would best mix with water?

nonpolar molecules

What makes a liquid immiscible?

Molecules that do not dissolve in other molecules that are similar. If the molecules are not similar, they will not mix. Therefore, you have an immiscible liquid. Polar solvents will only dissolve polar compounds. (e.g. NaCl in H2O soln) Nonpolar solvents will only dissolve nonpolar compunds. (e.g Vitamin A in an oil) However, certain solvents are miscible with both polar and nonpolar solvents. An example of this would be ethanol (CH3CH2OH), which is miscible with water(polar) and hexane(nonpolar).

Why don't polar compounds mix with nonpolar compounds?

Polar compounds have poles that have a partial positive charge and a partial negative charge that attract other polar molecules. Nonpolar compounds do not have partially charged poles, so the polar substance is not attracted to them and they don't dissolve.

Water and nonpolar molecules do not easliy mix?


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