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Water is a polar covalent molecule. The partial charges in the molecule attract other charges, ionic or more partial charges from other covalent molecules and dissolves them. Nonpolar bonded molecules have no partial charges and the water molecules will attract each other thus not attracting the nonpolar and does not dissolve them.

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Water is itself a polar compound. Hence, it is able to dissolve the polar covalent compounds.

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Q: Why are polar covalently bonded molecules soluble in water and non polar are not?
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Is HNO3 a polar or nonpolar covalent?

A fast way to answer it is that HNO3 is soluble in water and water is polar so HNO3 is polar Another explanation is that HNO3's H will form dipole hydrogen bonds with other molecules (IMF) thus is considered as polar

Is nh 3 polar covalent or nonpolar covalent?

NH3 is a polar-covalently bonded compound.

Can two polar molecules be held to each other by a hydrogen bond?

Sure can and all life on earth as we know it depends on one polar covalently bonded molecule doing just that. Water.

Why are organic molecules that contain oxygen atoms more soluble in water?

Water is a polar molecule, polar molecules are more soluble in other polar molecules. Oxygen helps make organic molecules more polar, and therefore more soluble in water.

How polar and non polar bonds affect solubility?

Molecules with many polar bonds are soluble in polar solvents.Also, molecules with none or few polar bonds (many non-polar bonds) are soluble in non-polar solvent. e.g Water is a polar solvent so substances with many polar bonds are soluble in it.

When does a polar bond result?

When there is a difference in electronegativity between the two atoms that are covalently bonded together.

Is iodine ionic polar or nonpolar?

Iodine I2 is covalently bonded and the bond is non polar as the atoms at both ends are identical

If two covalently bonded atoms are identical the bond is identified as?

it is non polar covalent

Would a molecule with polar covalent bonds be soluble in water?

Yes, in chemistry polar molecules are soluble with other polar molecules. You know that water is polar because of it's structure. Two hydrogens are bonded the an oxygen. The oxygen has two lone pairs of electrons that cause the molecule to have a bent VSEPR structure. This creates a net dipole due to the high electronegativity of oxygen. Essentially, the oxygen is slightly negative and the hydrogens slightly positive. So, yes your polar molecule is soluble with water (also polar).

Organic compounds that are poorly soluble in water behave that way because they are 1 moderately polar 2 covalently bonded 3 generally nonpolar 4 highly polar 5 ionically bonded?

nonpolar, they're electronegativities between the carbon and hydrogen atoms are less than 0.7.. making it a nonpolar covalent bond

What is something with non polar molecules?

Lipids are soluble in non polar solvents

Is water made of covalently bonded atoms?

Yes. The H-O bonds are not only covalent, but they are polar covalent.