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There are three-letter elements on the peridic table because they do not have real names yet.

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It was discovered so recently the scientific community hasn't given it a permanent name.

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Q: Why do some elements on the periodic table have 3 letters?
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What meaning of the letters in the periodic table?

The letters on the periodic table represent the name of the elements. They are called the element's "symbols." They are usually related to the English names, but some, like lead, are related to their Latin names.

How many elements are you periodic table?

118 elements are in the periodic table of elements; some of them are still unnamed (January 2013).

What are some commonly used compounds on the periodic table?

the periodic table has no compounds it is a table of elements.

What are some examples of stable elements and where are they found in the periodic table?

noble elements are the stable elements. They are found in group 18 in the periodic table.

Why do some elements get excluded from the periodic table?

No element is excluded from the table.

What period on the periodic table of elements contains radioactive elements and what are they called?

it was found in 1896. you can not find them on the periodic table. you may find some, but often some are.

What are some sayings from the elements in periodic table?

I Am NeRdy

What are some ways that elements are arranged on the periodic table of elements?

Mendeleev arranged the elements in a table in the increasing order of atomic masses and repeating periodic properties. In the modern long-form of periodic table, the elements are arranged in the increasing order of atomic number and repeating periodic properties.

What is the similarities in the modern periodic table and Mendeleev's table?

They have simliar properties and same elements although later on more elements were added to the modern periodic table.=Both periodic tables have elements grouped by similar properties. Mendeleev's periodic table had elements arranged in order of increasing atomic mass in columns with similar properties. While many of the elements are in order of atomic mass on the modern periodic table, some are not, as the modern table has elements arranged in order of increasing atomic number.=

What is meant by the Periodic Table?

A table in which properties of elements are repeated after some interval.

What are some elements of periodic table that begin with the letter J?

No element in the periodic table begins with the letter J.

To what does the term periodic in periodic table refer?

Periodic means reoccuring. On the periodic table, periodic refers to the elements in each group having some of the same simularities and some of the same properties.