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It doesn't

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Q: Why do the temperature of distilled water have to be the same as room temperature?
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What is room temperature water?

Room temperature water is the same as room temperature which ranges from 14C-25C (59F-77F)

How does the rate of diffusion in a gelatin at room temperature compare with the rate of diffusion in water at the same temperature?

The rate of diffusion in gelatin at room temperature is very slow. This is especially compared to the rate of diffusion in water at the same temperature.

What is pH for distilled water?

the pH of distilled water is 7.0 and is the same as pure water The solution is acidic.

Does distilled boil faster than pure water?

distilled water and pure water are the same thing.

Can I Substitute boiled water for distilled water?

No. They are not the same. Distilled water is only water. Boiled water will likely contain minerals.

Is water with salt in it the same as distilled water?

They are not similar.

Does water in indoor unheated pool stay the same as room temperature?

Hi :)

What is the room temperature for a diamond?

A diamond at room temperature will generally be at the same temperature as the room.

Why the temperature of water the same as room temperature before heating?

The temp is the heat so it can't be hotter than the heat :)

What temperature is salt at room temperature?

Whatever the room temperature happens to be at the time. If the room is 75° then the salt would be the same temperature.

Does water boil all ways at the same temperature?

No, It depends on a lot... Like what the room temperature is like. Or how long you've had it boiling.

Does hot or cold water reach room temp first?

Cold water would freeze the fastest because freezing is a physical change brought on by temperature change, and the temperature of cold water is closer to freezing temperature than boiling or room temperature water. Therefore, it would take less time to reach freezing temperature.