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A flash or glass tubing should be dry at the start of each trial to ensure accurate results. Any contaminants can effect the results directly.

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To reduce the potential for impurities and also to avoid the added weight of the water.

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Q: Why do you have to dry the Erlenmeyer flask at the start of the experiment?
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Why Erlenmeyer flask does not have to be dry and why water may be added?

- Depending on the specifications for the experiment the Erlenmeyer flask may be dry or not - Water is added only if the recipe need water

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Acid washing it should do. I assume you are in a which case a 1:1 Hydrochloric Acid solution can be poured into the flask. DON'T FORGET TO PUT GOGGLES AND GLOVES ON. Put the lid on. Shake the flask and turn it to ensure all surfaces of the glass inside are being washed with the acid. Then, give it a good triple rinse with de-ionized water. If you are just at home, pour in some white vinegar and let it sit for a while. That should break up anything that's inside.

What will happen if a wet Erlenmeyer flask is used to transfer acid solution from the volumetric pipette?

It will slip out of your hands, fall to the floor, break, and cause the principal to evacuate your whole school until the fire department comes to neutralize the spill. Keep your flasks dry, please.

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