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To neutralize the acid coming from the stomach

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Q: Why does duodenum need to be alkaline?
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Why is an alkaline environment required in the duodenum?

An alkaline environment is required in the duodenum to activate intestinal and pancreatic enzymes

What organ sends enzymes via duct in an alkaline fluid into the duodenum?

The pancreas sends enzymes in the alkaline pancreatic juice into the duodenum.

How does medium becomes alkaline in deoudenum?

As soon as the partially digested food enters the duodenum . the walls of the duodenum gets excited and releases H CO3 or bi carbonate ions . this makes the medium alkaline .......

Produces a whole spectrum of enzymes and an alkaline fluid that is secreted into the duodenum?


What is the pH of the gallbladder?

It has to be alkaline. As the Stomach is Acidic (pH2-3) and the Duodenum and Small Intestine are Alkaline (pH 9-10) due to the introduction of Bile from the Gallbladder.

What neutralize the gastric juices?

alkaline juices is the duodenum secreted from glands in the gut wall.

Which molecule is secreted in the duodenum to help protect against stomach juices?

The pancreatic juice, that is alkaline due to bicarbonate ions, neutralizes the acid contents of the stomach as they both enter the duodenum.


amylase and lipase....majority is exocrine with tiny endocrine pockets....also secretes an alkaline solution of bicarbonate into duodenum....

How do peptic ulcer sometimes occur in the duodenum?

You have the secretions acid in nature till the middle part of the duodenum. They become alkaline after the secretions of the pancreas and liver enter the duodenum. Till then the duodenum is vulnerable for attack by the pepsin. The stress of the so called modern life is often responsible for this condition. The luxury of modern life has not added much happiness than not so modern life.

As chyme moves through the duodenum does it become more acidic or more alkaline?

As chyme moves through the duodenum, it becomes less acidic and more alkaline. This is because the pancreas secretes bicarbonate ions into the duodenum, which helps neutralize the acidic chyme coming from the stomach. Additionally, the liver also contributes bile salts to the duodenum, which further helps to alkalize the chyme.

Why the medium in stomach is acidic while that in intestine is basic?

This conversion from acidic to alkaline pH is due to the actions of bile, which is relased on to the partially digested food in the duodenum. The conditions in the small intestine need to be basic so that enzymes, particularly lipases, can break down lipids without becoming denatured, as they prefer a slightly alkaline environment.

Why does fat not begin to decrease immediately after entering the duodenum?

Fats need to be emulsified by bile before lipase can act on it. Lipase also needs an alkaline medium to act well and acid in the food from the stomach must first be neutralised before lipase can act on it.