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My thought is that ,that when the electric current is passed through the electrolyte the aluminium from the anode gets attracted towards the cathode as it has positive charge & rest of the impurities get dissolved in electrolyte or get collected in the beaker.therefore,this way the anode decreases.

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Q: Why does the anode decrease in size during aluminium electrolysis?
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What type of electric charge does an aluminum electrolysis reaction need?

Aluminium metal is formed at the carbon anode (negative).

What is the gas evolved at anode during electrolysis of aqueous NaCl?

Chlorine Gas is evolved at the anode.

What will be the products on cathode and anode during electrolysis of the solution of magnesium sulphate?

Cathode - Hydrogen Anode - Oxygen

What products are formed during the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution?

during the electrolysis of Sodium Chloride chhlorine gas is produced at the anode and hydrogen gas is produced at the cathose.

What would be formed at the cathode and the anode during the electrolysis of sodium hydroxide solution?

Hydrogen gas would evolve from the cathode and oxygen gas would evolve from the anode.

What is used as the anode in sodium chloride electrolysis?

For example titanium (electrolysis in water solution).

Why do aluminium factories have anode shops?

Aluminium is obtained by electrolysys.

How do you use electrolysis in a sentence?

Then use electrolysis to transfer all the copper from the impure anode to the cathode.

What would happen if you used an alternating current during electrolysis?

the cathode and anode keeps interchanging between each other

What is formed at the anode and the cathode during the electrolysis of sodium iodide?

If a solution of NaI is electrolyzed, iodine is formed at the anode and hydrogen gas at the cathode. In the instance if it is the molten liquid of NaI, it would emit sodium from the sodium at the cathode and iodine at the anode.

Why do aluminium factories had anode shops?


Why does the blue colour remains blue during electrolysis of copper sulphate solution using copper electrodes?

During the electrolysis of Copper sulphate ,at the cathode ,copper and hydrogen both being positively charged migrate towards the cathode.While at the anode