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it occurs as a pure element in the earth's crust.

it is unreactive

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Q: Why doesn't gold need to be extracted by methods used for other metals?
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What are aluminum extrusions used for?

Aluminum extrusions are used to turn aluminum alloy into other materials for cross sectional profiles. It is extracted from other metals containing aluminum and squeezed out.

How is mobile phone gold extracted?

The old circuit boards are simply melted in a furnace. The gold and other metals sink, while the plastics and other products float to the top as 'slag'.

How is Neptunium extracted and purified?

The most common method in the PUREX process is solvent extraction with tributyl phosphate. Other methods can be used for small samples.

How do you refine silver?

Most silver is obtained from refining other metals. It's extracted through a flotation process. Then the silver itself is refined through smelting.

Is modern farming a sustainable development?

no, for the most part. this doesnt mean that organic or other farming methods are sustainable...

How is hydrogen made in the laborotories?

Hydrogen, the simplest and lightest element, is not made but extracted from other materials. One of the most straight forward methods is through electrolysis with water.

What is the source of gemstones metals and other materials used to make products?

Gemstones are natural products extracted from mines.But now some materials can be artificially produced; also imitations exist.

How is thorium mined and processed?

Thorium is extracted from minerals as monazite, thorianite, thorite, the mineral is grounded, dissolved in nitric acid, thorium is extracted with tributylphosphate. Also other methods exist.Pure thorium is obtained from ThO2 by a calciothermic process, from ThI2 by thermal decomposition or from ThF4 by electrolysis.

Why all ores are minerals but all minerals are not ores?

It is so because metals cannot be extracted from minerals in a convenient way. E.g.:- Aluminum metal is found in both minerals: clay and bauxite. Aluminum metal is extracted only from bauxite in a convenient way. So, bauxite is an ore of aluminum. On the other hand, it is not extracted from clay so clay remains only as mineral not ore of aluminum.

Why is iron only extracted from ores with a large percentage of metal?

while other metals, such as gold, are sold at more profitable rates, iron is a common and very cheap metal and wouldn't bring in much profit.

Why alkalai metals are found as compounds?

Alkali metals, such as sodium and potassium, are highly reactive and tend to combine quickly with other elements in nature to form compounds. This is because they have only one valence electron, which they easily lose to achieve a stable electron configuration. Therefore, it is rare to find pure alkali metals in their elemental form in nature.

What is the difference between metallic ore and non-metallic ore?

Metallic (I) a metallic ore is a substance which contains sufficient amount of metals in it which can be extracted(II)these are the extracts of substances in its impure form resembling any characteristics of metals(III)it includes iron,copper,silver etcNon Metallic(I)non metallic ores doesnt contains amount of metallic substances they contains other substances like amount of coal , petroleum etc(II)these are the extracts of substances in its impure form without resembling any characteristics of metals(III)it includes nitrate,limestone,potash etc