Why is H2O a covalent bond?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Yes, O2 is a covalent bond.

8 valence (outer-shell) electrons is a stable configuration, which is what every atom is trying to achieve.

There are only 6 valence electrons in one single oxygen atom, which means it is looking for another two valence electrons.

Since both oxygen atoms don't want to lose any valence electrons but want to gain two valence electrons, this means that they must each share two of their own with the other atom. Hence both atoms then have eight valence electrons. But because of their sharing electrons, they are stuck together because neither wants to lose their own two valence electrons. This is a covalent bond.

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Any molecular bonding between the same elements is automatically covalent.

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H2O is formed by covalent bonds because of the sharing of electrons between H and O. The H atom shares its electron with the O atoms. It does not donate that electron, it shares it.

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Q: Why is H2O a covalent bond?
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Does h2o contain a coordinate covalent bond?

No. Although the bonds in H2O are covalent, they are not coordinate covalent bonds.

What is an example of a covalent bond?


Does H2O have at least one ionic bond?

no, H2O is a covalent compound

What Type Of Bond Does H2O Have?

H2O has a covalent bond between Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. They share electrons and hence achieve noble gas configuration. The covalent bond present is a polar bond.

Is H2O ionic or covolant bond?

The O-H bond is covalent.

How common is a covalent bond in the human body?

The bond formed with carbon is essentially the covalent bond. So all the organic molecules in your body has got covalent bond.

Is the Formula h2o a covalent or ionic bond?

The formula H2O represents a covalent bond. In water (H2O), the oxygen atom shares electrons with two hydrogen atoms by forming covalent bonds. Covalent bonds involve the sharing of electrons between atoms.

What contains a coordinate covalent bond KCl HF H2O F2?

None of them, KCl is ionic, HF, H2O and F2 are covalent

What substances contains a nonpolar covalent bond mgf2 nacl nh3 h2o n2?

MgF2 and NaCl are ionic. NH3 and H2O contain polar covalent bonds. N2 contains non polar covalent bond.

Why H20is non polar covalent bond?

H2O has polar covalent bonds, not non-polar covalent bonds.

Is H2o covalent bond or ionic bond?

it is a polar covalent bond. Scince oxygen does not follow the octet rule(only 8 electrons, needs ten) and hydrogen has one electron, two hydrogen electrons plus eight oxygen electrons equal ten :)

Does H2O or CaO have stronger bond?

H2O has a stronger bond then CaO because H2O is a covalent compound (made up of two nonmetals), whereas CaO is an ionic compound (made up of both a metal and nonmetal), and covalent bonds are stronger then ionic bonds.