Why is diamond not malleable?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Diamond is extremely strong due to the structure of its carbon atoms with covalent bonds.
It's been answered before, both correctly and incorrectly. Malleable means if you hit with a hammer it will change shape, like copper and other metals. "Change shape" doesn't mean shatter. Diamonds and other crystalline minerals are not malleable.
Diamonds are malleable, because, as stated by Newton's Laws of Motion, when a force acts on an object it will:
  • Speed up,
  • Slow down,
  • Change direction,
  • Or change shape

Therefore, if the diamonds cannot move, like if you hit two diamonds together - some would argue that if you put the diamond in the vice and hit it the vice would move instead - then they only effect that can happen is that the diamonds will change shape.

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Q: Why is diamond not malleable?
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Is diamond more malleable than copper?

No, diamond is not malleable at all. Copper is one of the most malleable substances.

Is diamond ductile?

No. Diamond is the hardest mineral and it is not malleable or plastic.

What substances are not malleable?

a diamond,Granite,water and dirt

How is boron malleability?

Boron is hardly malleable at all, it is second in hardness only to diamond.

Is malleable a metal non-metal or metalloid?

A metal is malleable because aluminium, for example, can be compressed to a thin sheet and copper can be stretched to form a wire. On the other hand, a nonmetal isn't malleable. For example, carbon is extremely solid (it is a component of diamond). A metalloid, though, may be malleable or not depending on it's characteristics. Tin is a malleable substance (at some point) but silicon isn't... it's a rock!

Is neodymium malleable or non malleable?

It is malleable.

Is the element mercury malleable or not malleable?


Is gold brittle or malleable?

Gold is extremely malleable.

How malleable is mercury?

Mercury is considered to be malleable. However, it is only malleable when it is in solid form. As a liquid, it is not malleable.

Is carbon uranium malleable?

No, carbon is not malleable. Pick a form, hit with a hammer, and it won't "flatten out" like, say, gold. Carbon in the form of graphite or diamond won't do well when struck.

Is hydrogene malleable?

no it is not malleable

What can a solid do that has plasticity?

Hi. Some solids are malleable, such as gold, and move quite readily. Some solids, such as diamond, do not move very much at all.