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Because a float switch is used to switch on or on an electrical current. The electricity needs to flow through good conductors like metals, and these metal parts are able to float in the Mercury.

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Ask your mum :P

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because it is

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Q: Why is mercury used in float switches?
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What are float switches used for?

Research has shown that float switches are something that is used to detect the level of a fluid in a tank. There are a variety of float switches and they can range from small to large as well as from simple to complex. These switches are often used in sump pumps.

Why is Mercury used in light switches?

Mercury is used in switches because it is a liquid metal, conducts electricity, and is very stable. Switches made from mercury are also called "Silent Switches", since the switching occurs when the mercury makes the connection between the contacts, instead of a mechanical switch. The mercury is usually contained in a small glass vial within the switch. It is also commonly found in home thermostats, used to control heating and/or air conditioning systems.

What are uses of Mercury?

Mercury has a number of uses. A small amount of mercury is present in all fluorescent lights, including compact fluorescent lights. In vaporized form, it creates a conductive pathway for the electric current to flow. Mercury is also part of an alloy called amalgam, which is used by dentists to fill cavities (although non-mercury fillings are also available now). Mercury is a solvent for gold, and has been used to create gold paint; when the mercury evaporates, a gold deposit is left behind. Because mercury is so dense, it is sometimes used when it is necessary to float heavy objects, for example, in the design of the Michaelson-Morley experiment which led to Einstein's theory of relativity. Mercury is sometimes used for its antibiotic properties, for example, to preserve vaccinations.

Is Mercury a conductor or an insulator of electricity?

Mercury is a fair conductor of electricity , although it is a poor conductor of heat.

Why is mercury used in electrical switches?

i have know idea why it is used so don't ask mwa (me)

Will lead sik or float in mercury?

it will float

Can nickel float on liquid Mercury?

Strictly be density, nickel should float on mercury.

What is Hg used for?

Mercury can be used to make thermometers, barometers and other scientific instruments. Mercury conducts electricity and is used to make silent, position dependent switches. Mercury vapor is used in streetlights, fluorescent lamps and advertising signs.

What can metal be used for?

Mercury can be used for thermometers, it is found in most paints and used for the colour.remote batterys,and light switches if the conduct electricity.

What are the use of mercury?

mercury is used in thermometers,remote batteries,light switches,and paints It is also commonly used in home thermostats for the control of heating and/or cooling.

Can iron float in any liquid?

Solid iron will float in liquid mercury. In most liquids it will sink.

Does a bowling balls float?

No, they are not bouyant. They won't float on water, but they will float on mercury.