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Because it is made of the (pure) vapor of (??... yes!!): WATER, so it does NOT contain anything nonvolatile to be left over.

[Just think it over (and over) and you'll find how logic this is, one would have imagined it by himself].

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Q: Why is nothing left behind when distilled water is evaporated?
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Does distilled water evaporates?

Yes, distilled water is quickly evaporated.

What water evaporates faster distilled-water or saltwater?

Distilled water is evaporated faster.

How is a river a type of freshwater?

Rivers get their water from the rain, and rain is fresh because it is in effect distilled. Evaporated water that re-condenses as rain has left impurities or salts behind, when it evaporated.

Why is pure water called 'distilled water'?

Distillation of water (resulting in distilled water) is the best way or purifying water. Since the contaminants in water (ions, metals, microbes) are generally larger than water molecules, when water is evaporated, the contaminants are left behind. The evaporated water can then be condensed as pure water.

What is the definition of distilled water?

Evaporated and then condensed.

What is an distilled water?

ordinary water is just boiled to vapor and recollected to filter out impurities

What molecules are in the solid left behind after sea water is distilled and liquid is boiled off?

The molecules that are in the solid left behind after sea water is distilled and liquid is boiled off is sea salt. This is mostly NaCl but contains some other elements.

When sodium chloride and distilled water solution is evaporated what is left?

Sodium Chloride

Can you drink evaporated water?

Yes. Distilled (evaporated) water is eminently potable, and often the best choice for water treatment if the source is known to contain harmful contaminants.

What evaporates the slowest salt water distilled water pool water or faucet water?

Salt water is evaporated slowest.

Why is distilled water used for making medecines?

Distilled water is evaporated and then condensed, so it has absolutely no contaminates. Unwanted compounds in medicine could be very dangerous.

Do distilled water encourage fermentation?

Distilled water should contain nothing but pure water and nothing will be able to grow in it unless you add some microbes.