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Molar concentration is the number of moles of a substance per litre.

One litre of pure water is 1kg, or 1,000 grams.

The molecular mass of water is approximately 18 grams per mole.

Therefore, there are 1,000/18 = 55.56 mole of water in a litre of water, giving a concentration of 55.56 M.

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Q: Why molar concentration of water is 55.56?
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Concentration of water in pure water?

The concentration of pure water is 55 molar. In other words, 1 liter of water holds 55 moles of H2O

Ionic product of water?

It is the product of molar concentration of H* and OH-

What is the molar concentration of nitric acid?

16 molar.

Is molar strength the same as molar concentration?

It is not true, they are not identical.

Dissolve 2 moles of NaOH in 6 kg of water?

The solution has a molar concentration of 0,33.

How do you find molar concentration of chemical compounds?

The Stoichiometry of molar concentration follows this simple formula: Mol = Volume (dm³) × Molar Concentration (mol/dm³) Hence: Molar Concentration (mol/dm³) = Number of moles (mol)/ Volume (dm³)

If ferrous solution is stabilized with one molar sulfuric acid does that mean ferrous concentration is one molar?

Not necessarily or even usually. The term "one molar" refers to the concentration of the acid added and does not have anything to do with the concentration of ferrous ions.

How does the molar absorptivity depend upon the concentration mole per L of the dissolved solute?

Molar absorptivity is completely independent of concentration of a substance as Molar absorptivity is represented by epsilon and is a constant. Absorbance of light is what is dependent upon concentration and will go down as concentration goes down and increase as concentration increases.

Can you cite some examples in solving problems regarding with molar concentration?

Example: 0,5 molar concentration of sodium chlorideThe molar mass of NaCl is 58,44 g; so 0,5 molar is 29,22 g/L

How do you use molar in a sentence?

As adjective to concentration or mass: The molar concentration of concentrated sulfuric acid is about 18.0 (mol/L) The molar mass of H2SO4 is about 100 g (per mole)

What is molar conductivity at infinite dilution?

Molar conductivity at infinite dilution is when molar conductivity is limited. Molar conductivity is when electrolyte conductivity is divided by molar concentration.

What is the total molar concentration of ions in a 1.240 M solution of CH3OH?

CH3OH does not ionize because it is insoluble in water