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Industrial, petrochemical, environmental and organic chemistry all apply to some extent with economics. In fact, every reaction that involves useful products can be scaled up to a marketable, profitable and industrial investment.

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Q: You would like to know how does chemistry apply to economics and the vice versa that is the economic importance of chemistry like the commercial use of heterocyclic compounds?
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What has the author Avery A Morton written?

Avery A. Morton has written: 'The chemistry of heterocyclic compounds' -- subject(s): Heterocyclic compounds 'Laboratory technique in organic chemistry' -- subject(s): Laboratory manuals, Organic Chemistry

What has the author Andre Rosowsky written?

Andre Rosowsky has written: 'The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Azepines' 'Azepines Part 1. (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds Volume 43 pt. 1)'

Differentiate between heterocyclic chemistry and organic chemistry?

Some organic molecules contain rings of atoms. The atoms of the ring may be all carbons, or contain an element such as S, N, O, P, etc. We call the compounds heterocyclics if these elements are part of a ring. For example, THF is a molecule that is heterocyclic, has 4 carbons and an O to make a 5 membered ring. Dioxin has 2 Oxygens and 4 carbons. These heterocyclic compounds display some wonderful reactions. Heterocyclic chemistry still follows the rules of organic chemistry, but other atoms are involved. Dr Jim Romano CEO

What has the author Q N Porter written?

Q. N. Porter has written: 'Mass spectrometry of heterocyclic compounds' -- subject(s): Heterocyclic compounds, Mass spectrometry, Spectra 'Mass spectometry of heterocyclic compounds'

What are benefits of heterocycles?

The benefits of heterocyclic compounds are that the molecules form cycles that bond. Heterocyclic compounds are a common ingredient in medications or drugs.

Simple heterocyclic compound preparation pdf?

Benzene is usually used in the preparation of the simple heterocyclic compounds.

What has the author Kenneth Schofield written?

Kenneth Schofield has written: 'Heterocyclic compounds' -- subject(s): Heterocyclic compounds 'Hetero-aromatic nitrogen compounds' -- subject(s): Pyridine, Pyrrol, Pyrrole

What are the aromatic characteristic of heterocyclic compound?

Heterocyclic compounds may be aromatic (3 double bonds in the cyclic structure) or nonaromatic.

What are alicyclic compounds?

alicyclic compounds contain by homocyclic and heterocyclic compounds, alicyclic compounds are carbocyclic compuunds which resemble aliphatic compounds in their properties .

What element is in 4 main classes of organic compounds?

aliphatic, alicyclic, aromatic and heterocyclic compounds.

What has the author Angelo Albini written?

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What has the author R C Elderfield written?

R. C. Elderfield has written: 'Hetercyclic compounds' 'Heterocyclic compounds'