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Since the four main food groups of elves are candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup, most elves on the shelf prefer to drink a big bottle of syrup.

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An elf on the shelf's favorite drink is generally considered to be Hot Chocolate or peppermint hot cocoa to keep them warm during the cold winter months.

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Q: What is an elf on the shelf's favorite drink?
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When does elf on shelfs come back?

The Elf can come back anytime of the year.

Can adults touch elf on the shelfs?

No, adults are not supposed to touch Elf on the Shelf. The rules of the Elf on the Shelf tradition state that only children can touch or interact directly with the elf. If an adult touches the elf, it may lose its magic.

can i have 2 elf on the shelfs if i have a sibling that does not live with me?

sure! its up to you

How does buddy answer the phone in the movie elf?

He says "Buddy the Elf whats your favorite color?"

What to do if elf on the shelfs are touched?

If an elf on the shelf is touched, simply explain to the child the importance of not touching them so their magic can remain strong. You can also have the elf "report back" to Santa to remind the child about good behavior. Ultimately, it's a fun tradition and touching the elf can be seen as part of the learning process.

What is Santa favorite elf?

his favourite elf is the sleigh repairman

Do elf on the shelfs know if you moved?

Some people believe that the elf on the shelf represents Santa's scout and is said to leave at night to report to Santa about a child's behavior. The elf is said to lose its magic if touched, so it's recommended not to move it. However, the elf does have the ability to move on its own during the night.

Who is his favorite elf?

His (who ever this "his" guy may be) favorite elf is the one with the pointy ears, funny voice, short body, and awkward tights and shoes.

Where did Elf get his name from?

Buddy thinks he is an elf. P.S. This is Buddy speaking what's your favorite color.

Do elf on the shelfs leave when you are 10?

There is no set rule for when an Elf on the Shelf needs to leave. Some families choose to continue the tradition even when children are older, while others stop when the child no longer believes in the concept. It ultimately depends on each family's traditions and beliefs.

What soda does Buddy drink in the movie Elf?


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