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Gail Carson Levine wrote the book Ella Enchanted. It was made into a movie.

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The main character in "Ella Enchanted" is Ella of Frell, a young girl who is cursed with obedience. Other important characters include Prince Charmont (Char), Lucinda, Mandy, and the stepsisters Olive and Hattie.

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well their is Ella her step sisters and Prince Charming.

I hope that answers your question.

Have a nice day. o_O

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Q: Who are the characters in Ella Enchanted?
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Who are the main characters in ella enchanted?

Ella Prince Char Olive Hattie The Elf (sorry always forget his name!)

When was Ella Enchanted created?

Ella Enchanted was created in 1997.

When was Ella Enchanted released?

Ella Enchanted was released on 04/09/2004.

What was the Production Budget for Ella Enchanted?

The Production Budget for Ella Enchanted was $35,000,000.

What is the ISBN of Ella Enchanted?

The ISBN of Ella Enchanted is 0-06-440705-5.

Who is on the cover of the book Ella Enchanted?

Ella is.

Is Lucy Punch out of Ella Enchanted?

Yes. Lucy Punch was acting as Hattie In Ella Enchanted.

When was Ella Enchanted - soundtrack - created?

Ella Enchanted - soundtrack - was created on 2004-04-06.

How much money did Ella Enchanted gross worldwide?

Ella Enchanted grossed $22,913,677 worldwide.

How much money did Ella Enchanted gross domestically?

Ella Enchanted grossed $22,913,677 in the domestic market.

What is the publication date of ella enchanted?

The book Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine was published in 1997, and for further info, the movie came out 2004 starring Anne Hathway as Ella Enchanted

What does Ella's dad do for a living in Ella Enchanted?

Sold Watches