Do fairies appear to people

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Do fairies appear to people
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Do angels only appear at night?

Like fairies, angels appear when you believe they will appear. This is a matter of faith and belief.

How do you interact with fairies?

some people interact with fairies badly like they don't exist but some people love and care for fairies and believe in them.

Do fairies really excisit?

fairies do not exist .the people who say that they have seen fairies have actually seen an illusion .

Do most people believe in fairies?

fairies are fictional characters that are make believe but most people do believe in them

Why can't people be a fairy?

People cant be fairies because they are humans and they dont have wings. But Fairies are NOT human

Can fairies transform?

yes they can, you might hear people talking about fairies and you only see a piece od dandilion, they are fairies

Are Fairies seen as a bad omen?

Well it depends if your really believe in fairies. If you do most people believe fairies to be good

Which is the difference between the fairies and the humans in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

The fairies are magic and the people are not. The fairies can make themselves tiny, or invisible, and can change people's heads into donkeys' heads.

Are there fairies and magic dust at the back of windsor primary schools field?

No, it may appear to the naked eye as if there is fairies and magical dust at the back but it's just fireflies.

How did the British feel about fairies?

We british people feel that fairies are evil and devilish creatures!

Is there a spell that can change people in to fairies?

No. Humans cannot turn into fairies or vice versa.

Why do people get fairies tattooed on themselves?

Because, if they don't, the fairies just get washed off.