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From the US, it costs 94 to send a letter to the UK.

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Q: What does the first class stamp look like UK?
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What does a present day first class postage stamp look like?

A postcard stamp looks like a first class stamp, only it has a smaller value. The size of the stamp is one inch by one inch.

What does the 2006 first class stamp look like?

Statue of Liberty in front of US Flag.

What does the 2010 Forever stamp look like and is it ok to still use them?

Yes, it is valid for the first ounce of First Class postage always and forever.

What was the cost of the US first class postage stamp in 1992?

29 cents. (Look at eBay auctions of 1992 stamps...)

What did the stamp do?

what do shake look like

How does a Puerto Rico Stamp look like?

Exactly like any other US Stamp.

What is the cost for a business address stamp for mailings?

If you live in the USA, the cost of a business class stamp is .49. If you do a lot of bulk mailings, you can look into getting your own postage meter, which may be cheaper in the long run. Look into a company like pitney bowes.

What does a 1764 stamp look like?

There were no postage stamps in 1764. The first ones were issued in Great Britain in 1840.

How do you tell a fake Geneva watch?

By the make stamp What should the stamp look like?

What did the first class room look like on the titanic?

they looked like the suites we have now on our cruise ships

What does the new first class postage stamp look like?

Follow this link to see the new first class stamps:

What do the stamps in the Netherlands look like?

They are like any other stamp.