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Signature = Name that is signed to acknowledge a purpose.

Autograph = Name that is signed for no purpose but may have material or sentimental value.

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a autograph is from some one rather famous. a sign is rather for permission

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An autograph is a person's hand signed signature. originally signed. A hectograph is a copy. A printing process to transfer an original, as carbon paper.

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Q: What is difference between autograph and sign?
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Why the difference is price for signed vs autographed sports memorabilia?

Signed autographThere is no difference between signed memorabilia and autographed memorabilia. It is just deference in terminology. A signed baseball is the same as an autographed baseball and the same value. An autograph is signed. You could sign a check or a document but the signature would not be considered an autograph. You sign a baseball or a photo and the signature is an autograph.

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there is nothing inside an autograph!! Its when someone sighns something!!! there nothing in it its sign of human's nature who autograph, by this he/she show that how his/her behavier is and how he or she living with others

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Actually, I don’t know

Does Alex Rodriguez sign autographs?

Yes Alex Rodriguez does sign autographs, one way you can get an autograph is by going to one of the Yankee games and trying to sit in the legends seats if your lucky A-Rod will sign you an Autograph

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can I get willie mays to sign his jersey

What is a synonym for signature?

stamp, mark, sign, autograph, subscription

What means symbolize to represent often by a sign or picture?


What is the difference between sign and signature?

No difference between in the meaning. But if you really see, 'Sign' is the right term to use because when we sign, we write our name short and concise, whereas 'Sig nature' is long and boring.

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