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stride kneeling position is a word or phrase.

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Q: What is the meaning of stride kneel sitting position?
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What is the meaning of knelt?

of Kneel, of Kneel.

What is the future tense of kneel?

The future tense of "kneel" is "will kneel." Example: "Tomorrow, she will kneel to pray."

Would you squat bend or stand when showing something to someone sitting and your crush is behind you?

none of the above... kneel for sure

What is the star tattoo meaning on the?

dont hold me to this but that you will kneel before no man, only to god ???

Can one kneel while sitting?

If one is kneeling, one may drop the buttocks onto the heels. It could be said in that case that one is sitting (on one's heels) while kneeling. It is not quite the same as saying one is kneeling while sitting, as the kneeling came first.

How do christions pray?

many Christians kneel to pray, but Christians believe that no matter what you are doing u can pray, so if you are dancing, walking, sitting it does not really matter

Why don't Baptists kneel in church?

We do kneel at the altar to pray. Anyone can kneel anywhere they want to in our church. It shows humblesness. If you don't kneel here on earth, you will kneel and confess on judgment day.

What is the past of kneel?

The past tense of "kneel" is "knelt" or "kneeled."

How do you spell kneel?

That is the correct spelling of kneel.

Can you give me a sentence with the word kneel in it?

kneel to god

What are the suffixes for kneel?

The suffixes for "kneel" are "kneeled" and "kneeling."

How do you use the word kneel in future tense?

You use the future tense of the word "kneel" by adding the auxiliary verb "will" or "shall" before the base form of the verb. For example, "I will kneel before the king."