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I think that only Washington and Jefferson are the only US presidents to appear

on 1-cent stamps.

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Q: What presidents are on a 1 cent stamp?
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Post card with 1 cent stamp date of 1914?

post card with 1 cent stamp date of 1911

What year was president roosevelt on the 3 cent stamp?

FDR appeared on a 3-center as part of a memorial set for him soon after he died. He died in 1945; the stamp appeared in 1945 or 1946. The same set had stamps of 1 cent, 2 cent, and 5 cent denominations, all with the same portrait, but different scenes related to his life . I am pretty sure that Theodore Roosevelt never was on a 3 cent stamp.

Can you use an H stamp and 1 cent stamp to make 34 cents?

The H stamp is worth 33 cents. Yes, you can add a 1 cent stamp to cover 34 cents worth of postage.

How much was a postcard stamp in 1935?

1 cent

Stamps are 44 cents. How can you use a 42 cent stamp?

You can purchase 1 cent or 2 cent stamps.

What is the value of the 1 cent Tiffany lamp stamp?

1 cents

What is the valur of a green Thomas Jefferson 1 cent stamp that is preforated on all 4 sides?

1 cent.

What is a 5 cent 1946 Roosevelt stamp worth?

A 5-cent 1946 Roosevelt stamp is worth about $1, but it depends on the postmark and the design on the stamp. Some postmarks of this stamp could be worth $11 or more.

What is the price for a omnibus stamp made in 1880.?

1 cent.

How much is a stamp with the Omnibus 1880's 1 USA worth?

1c 1 cent

How much is a 1 cent Portugal stamp worth?

Without knowing the date on the stamp, a description and condition, it is impossible to value a stamp.

Value of h rate makeup stamp?

The "H" rate makeup stamp is worth one cent US. It was used with the pre-rate change 32 cent stamp to make the new 33 cent cost of a first class letter.