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It is better to stay at home and done in your homework Otherwise it is better to take a trip to heaven Otherwise go to somewhere you live

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Q: Where to go in the six weeks holidays?
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How many days holidays do nurses get per year in Ireland?

Six weeks and three days

Will there be six more weeks of winter?

yes ido really think we go six weeks of winter left.

How long are the school holidays in UK?

The length of school holidays can vary year by year in the UK. Generally, February half term is about a week long, Easter is about two weeks, summer half term is about a week, summer vacation is about six weeks, October half term is about a week, and Christmas and New Years break is about two weeks.

How many days do English schools have an holiday?

Christmas holidays = 2 weeks Easter holidays = 2 weeks Summer holidays = 6-8 weeks Half term holidays = 1 week Note - Some schools may vary. These are just vague guides.

How long after back surgery can you go back to work?

six weeks

How many weeks of school holidays in France?

There are 36 weeks of school a year. Holidays are usually as follows: End of October - 1 week February-2 weeks Christmas - 2 weeks, April - 2 weeks; summer (June-September) 9 weeks

How many school weeks in a year?

approx.. 40 weeks

How long does it take a package to get to Australia from US?

The average time is about three weeks, but it can take up to six weeks if the package gets caught up in Customs or if you ship around the holidays. I ship to Australia, so this is firsthand.

What are the holidays for football players?

43 weeks

How many paid holidays do the french have?

The French get a mandatory seven weeks (35 days) of holidays!

What is Twenty six weeks on a year?

Twenty-six weeks is six months.

How long after prolapsed bladder surgery can you go back to work?

six weeks