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Girls are more emotional than guys because girls are softer inside and God made girls to care more than guys.

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Because they have hormones n stoofz

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Q: Why girls are more emotional than boys?
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Why do girls talk a lot more than boys?

Girls are more emotional than boys and also because they have more common interest do to how girls are more emotionally challenge

Why do girls get along better with boys than they do girls?

Girls may sometime get along better with boys than they do with girls because boys are not as deeply emotional as girls. Boys are more interested in having fun and getting out into the world depending on their age. Some girls are more concerned with looking mature and want deep emotional friendships.

Why and how are girls treated better then boys?

Girls are treated better than boys because they are usually more polite and at the younger age smarter.So in that case they get more attention.And also they are more emotional.

Are there more girls than boys in 2012?

their are more girls than boys

Do girls bully more than boys do?

Boys bully more than girls becauz there is a saying that boys have more power than girls in this saying that it depends how many boys or girls taking in part of the bulling I think it depends on the background they come from the inferior and the population

Does England have more boys than girls?

no england has more boys than girls

Why girls are getting emotional quicker then boys?

because she got faster guilty than the boys.

Who has more hair girls or boyS?

Boys. Girls have more hair's than Boys!

Is there more girls than boys in japan?

Yes there are more girls than boys in Japan.

Is there more girls than boys in Scotland?

I would say that there are more boys than girls in Scotland.

Do you tink stuttering is more porfound in boys than girls?

More boys stutter than girls.

How are boys' relationships with each other described in cat's eyes and how do they differ from the relationships between girls?

boys relationship with each other is more than physical where as girls relationship is purely physical and emotional.