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There are two flags with this colour: Ireland and Ivory Coast.

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don't know


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Q: What flag has the color orange in it?
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What is the fraction of orange color of the Indian flag?

What is the fraction of orange colour of the Indian flag

What flag color is orange blue and red?

The orange-blue-red flag is of Armenia.

What color is the flag of Delaware?

The majority of the flag is blue and orange.

What color is the Delaware flag?

The majority of the flag is blue and orange.

What does the color black stand for in the Indian flag?

green color stands for green color and white color stands for for white color and orange color stands for orange color...

What color is Jaffna's flag?

orange &white

What does the color yellow represent for the flag of Spain?

Orange can represent a variety of things on a flag. On the flag of Sri Lanka orange represents Hinduism. The national color of Netherlands is orange, which used to be the predominant color on their flag. Answer #2: Since the category is "Irish History", the orange on the Irish flag is to recognize the "Orangemen" (protestants) who live in Ireland. The green is the original inhabitants and the white symbolizes the desire for peace between them. (and three cheers to them for this!)

Is the Irish flag supposed to have the color gold in it?

no, the correct colour is orange

What color flag is displayed when a water skier is in the water?

red or orange in California

What color is Armenia flag?

red stripe blue stripe orange stripe

In California a vessel involved in towing a skier must display what color flag?

"Red or orange" skier down flag

What color of the Arizona flag?

The colors are red, yellow, orange and blue. The bottom half of the flag is blue, with an orange star in the middle, and alternating rays of red and yellow in the top half.