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I'd say the one that looks like a triangle.

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Q: What state flag is the only state flag shaped like a pennant?
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What state doesn't have a flag?

Nepal's flag is shaped like a triangle fixed on top of another triangle. See Sources and related links for a picture.A square is a type of a rectangle. Hence, the square-shaped flag of Vatican City State and Switzerland are types of a rectangular flags.

Which country has a tiangular shaped flag?

The flag of Nepal is shaped like two triangles, one above the other like a cavalry pennant.

What state flag is round?

No flag of the fifty states is round. Ohio's flag is shaped like a pennant, and several flags have a round shield in the center of the field, but none of them are "round flags".

what- A pennant for a school team is shaped like an isosceles triangle.Which angle is not a base angle?


What is a pennant in sports mean?

When a team makes it to the championship. Like in baseball a team wins the pennant when they make it to the world series.

Why is the Ohio flag shaped like a triangle?

it can be

What shape is the Ohio flag?

The Ohio flag as a blue chevron which contains 17 white stars. This flag also has 5 horizontal stripes which alternate from blue and red.

What country does not have a rectangular shaped flag?

Nepal is the only country that does not have a rectangular shaped flag. Their flag is made up of two overlapping triangles.

What does the Colorado flag look like?

Colorado's state flag was designed originally by Andrew Carlisle Johnson in 1911. The C-shaped symbol features the colors of Spain which originally claimed the area. The gold ball is representative of the state's wealth of mineral resources.

What states are shaped like a square?

which state is shaped like a glove

What state is shaped like an octoagon?

Utah is shaped that way

What state has all the manholes shaped like Oreos?

No state in the US has all of their manhole covers shaped like Oreos.