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A repo is a repo is a repo.

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Q: If you do a voluntary repo and get another dealerships car will that hurt your credit as bad as not making any payments for a repossession?
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If you are 3 months behind on your car payments can you still buy another car and let the other car go into repossession?


If you had a repo in the past can you still buy another car?

Yes, this is not only possible, but if you were responsible and surrender the vehicle for repossession it can be quite easy. I have had both a voluntary repossession as the result of a BK, and a voluntary lease surrender for the same BK. Since that time, long, log ago, I have had many vehicles, and many vehicle loans. At first I of course paid higher interest. But even that reduces with time and a good history.

What are the mobile home repossession laws in Nevada?

In the state of Nevada, if you do not make payments on a car you are buying, it can be repossessed with no notice given to you. Once repossessed, you will still be liable for all further payments even if the car is sold at auction to another buyer.

What car dealerships are trustworthy?

A good way to find car dealerships that are trustworthy is to ask people you know that have bought cars from dealerships. Another way is to read reviews about the dealerships online and see what compliments and complaints that people have.

Be Smart and Avoid Repossession?

Repossession is something that happens when you aren’t able to make your payments. If you can’t pay the bank for whatever loan you took out, and if you are missing payments to them, they can come and take the property or items back. Using a loan or a credit card to make a huge purchase is good for you, because you are going to be able to purchase something like a house or a car, which you probably wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. However, there is a problem that goes along with this. The bank has the ability to repossess the items, which means that they can come in and take whatever you used their money to buy if you aren’t making payments. So, you need to make sure that you know how to avoid repossession. There are many things you can do to avoid repossession. This includes selling or renting back your items, so they remain your items and you can remain in your home. Organization is the key, so you need to know how much you are going to have to pay and when each of these payments needs to be made. Being organized can mean that you’ll never miss a payment due to forgetting about it. You will feel more in control of your finances and feel better overall. Another way to avoid repossession is to keep the lines of communication open with the bank. If you are missing payments, or if something has happened and you are not going to be able to make your payments, you should contact the bank and talk to them about it. If repossession is threatened, the best thing to do is to contact the bank and pay whatever it takes for you to keep your possessions. This is going to allow you to keep your property, but is also going to keep repossession off of your record. No one wants to deal with repossession, and no one likes to admit that they can’t pay for what they have. However, most companies are willing to work out payment plans to help you, so make sure to tell them about your situation before just hoping it goes away.

Can a dealer repo your car over hearsay from another party?

No, the person(s) who signed the purchase contract would need to default on payments or other stipulations such as not keeping the vehicle adequately insured before a legal repossession could occur.

What is voluntary exchange?

A voluntary exchange is when someone gives another something of value willingly. When you purchase items from the store it is considered a voluntary exchange.

What are the other names for voluntary muscle?

another name for voluntary muscles are skeletal or striated muscles.

If you file bankruptcy will it also erase a vehicle repossession on another person's credit report?

It doesn't erase anything on your own credit report....just adds to it, why would it change someone elses? It adds that you are a bankrupt as well as having missed payments and had a repossession. A credit report simply reports what happened in the past....what ever you do now does not change live with the history you created.

What is another name for striated muscle?

You can say skeletal muscles.

Will your insurance go up if you voluntarily give up your car?

If you give up your car, cancel your insurance, as you don't need insurance if you don't own a car. If you are talking about a voluntary repossession, the answer, is possibly, on another car. A repo is a repo, no matter if it is voluntary or not. Your credit will be damaged for 7 years, and this may effect you insurance rates. Don't do it or let it happen. Contact the lender and work something out if possible.

Can my car be repoed because I don't have driver license?

No. Repo (or repossession) occurs only when payments are not made on a car loan, or if a collateral conversion is done by a lender with whom you have another unpaid loan, or if the courts permit a collateral conversion in the event of an unpaid judgment.