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Group A: Shares in this category have a high Liquidity, Market Capitalization and Capital Appreciation.

Grop B1 and B2: Similar to A, but with a slightly lower Market Capitalization and Appreciation but good liquidity. There are financially healthy stocks.

Group C: It includes the odd lots of Catgories of A, B1 and B2. As u may be aware, Shares/Stocks are sold in Lots, any ODD lot remaining among the A, B1,B2 Groups ,are put under C Category.

Group F:It is a Debt Market Segment (Note A. B1.B2 are all only Equities)

Group T: Their settlement needs to be done by DELIVERY only.Trading under "T", means , actual delivery of Scrips is warranted.

Group Z: Suspended Lots of Shares. They are Suspended due to non-compliance of SEBI Norms. Vikas Chhajed

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Q: Category of shares in Bombay stock exchange?
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